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Stanstead Opens with Record Number

The students return to Stanstead College this week, and there will be a record number of them: 270 students on opening day.
The increase in students can be attributed to a number of factors. A number of students who were accepted for the 2020-21 school year deferred their enrollment until this year, expecting school life to more closely resemble the pre-COVID experience. Secondly, Stanstead College has added a second girls hockey team, which has attracted a number of new U16 student athletes. Finally, Stanstead College had a successful 2020-21 school year, with no cases of COVID-19 on campus and a full academic and extracurricular program, and this likely led to positive word of mouth.

Prefects arrived on campus Monday and are undergoing two days of orientation before new students arrive on Wednesday. Arrivals are staggered through the day to allow a smooth move-in with limited contact between individuals. On campus, all students and visitors must be masked when inside common areas.

Once moved in, new students will participate in games and activities to introduce them to the school and their peers.

Returning students arrive on Thursday, with classes beginning Friday morning. Throughout the week and weekend, there will be activities to get to know each other, all of them following COVID-prevention guidelines.

As the school year begins, Stanstead College is expected to enjoy a full academic, athletic and student life program in accordance with public health guidelines and its own protocols.

Full Opening Week Schedule