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Anticipation… Waiting… Game time

By Matt Thompson, Varsity Boys Hockey Coach
In a strange way, it seems like yesterday was December of 2019, life was cruising along and what was lying ahead was nothing we could have imagined. The last year and a half has been a time of waiting for the next update or change in COVID regulations, wondering when “normal” would return and even wondering what “normal” is.
We may not yet be back to complete normal, but when I look at the Big Red Board on the second floor of Colby, there is no question that it is looking a lot more normal than this time last year. A regulation-packed house last weekend at the PBA, the return of the annual Senior Girls Soccer Tournament this Saturday, which in so many years is the first true chance for Spartans to cheer on Spartans in the sun, rain, wind or whatever else the Townships weather decides to throw our way.
Then on Sunday a varsity boys hockey game. Coaches often preach to players to live with short memories, don’t over think the good, and at the same time don’t over value the good. Stay even, focus on the now. The irony to this is that coaches are probably worse than anyone at remembering all those little details. Point in case, I know that March 7, 2020 at Upper Canada College, the VB hockey team lost 4-1 to Ridley College. We got down early and never found our grove. It’s been a long time, it’s been a lot of waiting, and it’s been a lot of anticipating playing a game since that day, but finally Sunday is game day!
It’s good to see that Big Red Board full of life, and it will be great to see the Red-and-White take the field on Saturday and skate onto the ice on Sunday. Is life normal? Maybe not, but it certainly is normaler :)
Looking forward to seeing Spartans support Spartans and many proud athletes representing our school for the first time or at least the first time in a long time this coming weekend!
Go Spartans!