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SG Soccer: Runnin’ Wild in Richmond

By Erik Van Dyke, Senior Girls Soccer Coach
Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t score. You can do a million things right, bring the ball down, connect passes, play to feet, pepper the opposing keeper, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. Scoring in soccer is hard, and it often happens that the ball simply refuses to find the back of the net. But this past Wednesday was NOT one of those days. This past Wednesday the bounces went our way, the floodgates opened, and your Spartans had themselves a good ol’-fashioned offensive jamboree.
True to form, Joliane Tremblay, as fast as a cheetah and as slippery as an eel (a cheel?), notched a hat trick with her usual style, slicing through defenders and breaking ankles until she would inevitably end up 1-v-1 against the helpless keeper. She even scored one with her left foot(!), a first for her this season.
Speaking of firsts, Captain Sofia Paradis scored her first goal of the year on a bee-yoo-tiful strike from distance, and then she did it again in the second half off a sweet feed – the Red Lobster’s Dish of the WeekTM in fact –  from Siena Webster. One is fun, but twice is nice!
Speaking of our Keep Chopping Wood AwardTM winner, Siena also got her name on the scoresheet for the first time when she earned a penalty shot, fired it straight at the keeper, but then pounced on the rebound and hammered it home. Asked later about the many previous chances she had narrowly missed earlier in the game: “If I’d missed that one too, I was handing in my jersey.” We’re glad you didn’t miss, Siena!
But none of those goals were my favourite. That belongs to Delaney Walsh, who swooped in from the left side late in the game, set herself up for a shot on her right(!) foot, and coolly buried it for the Turtle Wax Finish Of The GameTM and, if I’m not mistaken, her first goal EVER as a Spartan – congratulations, Delaney!
Final score 7-1, but it wasn’t just the goals that made this game such a fun romp. Defensively we communicated better, led by Laura Bellini and Camryn Moore. Valentina Olavarrieta showed increased poise and confidence. Erika Roy was as purposefully aggressive as I’ve ever seen her, even with her 8-year-old-at-Christmas-smile. And Neva Deblois, despite her doubts, simply had her best game of the season, playing better positionally, cutting down on the over-aggression, and making smart decisions with the ball.
All in all, it couldn’t have gone much better, even with Camryn’s wardrobe malfunction (new cleats, blister, couldn’t tape it in time to get on the field for the second half kickoff, you know, happens all the time) that led directly to a Raiders goal one minute into the 2nd half.
But it DID get better! When Mr. Spirk (SC Athletic Director) phoned me after the game to give me the CNN Breaking News of the Day, i.e. Massey Vanier had tied our nemesis, Alexander Galt, earlier that afternoon (thank you MVR!), meaning our end-of-season fate was now completely in our greedy little Red & White hands, i.e. if we beat BCS...@ BCS…this Sat morning…10:00 am…in the final league game of the season…if we win that game your Spartans will win the coveted ETIAC Regular Season Banner for the first time in seven (7) years.
The Banner. Potentially returned home to the walls of the Amaron Gymnasium. Immortalized forever, with the names of every player personally Sharpie-d on it for all to see.
The Banner. In our sights. This Saturday. BCS, here we come.
Coaches Van Dyke & Kirby