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Athlete of the Week: Lisa Patenaude

Athlete of the Week has been awarded to: Lisa Patenaude, of the senior girls soccer team.
A first-year Spartan from Sherbrooke, Quebec, this Grade 12 midfielder is a threat every time she touches the ball in space out on the wing. Her pace of play and attacking mindset keep defenders constantly on their heels, and she has a rocket for a shot, already scoring two goals this year from well outside the 18-yard box. But what really sets Lisa apart is her work rate. Every second she is on the field she is digging as hard as she can, single-mindedly focused on never giving less than 100% effort, not even for a second. Most players run forward on offence and jog back on defence. Not Lisa – when she comes back on defense, she sprints back at top speed, and when her coaches sub her off, she is totally spent and usually drenched in sweat. A talented athlete, a selfless teammate, a player who never gets outworked, and a big reason why her team clinched the ETIAC league banner this past Saturday with a 4-1 victory over BCS.

Congratulations to Lisa Patenaude for being named this week’s Athlete of the Week!