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Fall Assembly Recognizes Top Athletes

Students and faculty returned to Centenary Church for the first time in 18 months to celebrate the end of the sports season and recognize excellence with the Fall Athletic Assembly.
This year’s two soccer MVP winners are both first-year Spartans who made significant contributions to their teams’ success.
Bobby Moore Trophy winner Ryan Johnson, a Grade 10 student from Pasadena, TX, was described by Coach Andre Simard as “a talented, talented, talented goalkeeper” who kept the senior boys in contention throughout their season.
Merle Griffin Trophy winner Joliane Tremblay, also Grade 10 from Becancour, Que., for senior girls soccer was described by Coach Erik Van Dyke as “the most skilled offensive player I’ve coached in 23 years,” particularly highlighting her skills at beating opponents one-on-one.
Both Ryan and Joliane also received Major S awards. Other Major S winners were (senior boys soccer) Jorge Correia, Jack Lippmann and Tristan Grandsire; and (senior girls soccer) Camryn Moore and Laura Bellini.     
The third MVP trophy, the William Greenshield Trophy for cross-country running, went to a Lucy Wang from L'île Bizard, Que., Grade 11, who placed 2nd in all her races, worked hard and helped lead the team. Lucy also received a Senior S.
Full List of Prize-Winner
Bantam Boys Soccer
Bantam S: Liam Huckins, Santiago Bojalil Moheno, Saif Alexander-Pardhan
Sportsmanship: Joseph Ruf                                                        
Junior Boys Soccer
Junior S: Mauricio Lopez Sanchez, Riley Yip, Iain Olsen
Sportsmanship: Justin Lanctot
Junior Girls Soccer
Junior S: Maelie Pion, Rosalie Tremblay, Rosalie Bouchard, Annabelle Cormier, Darlene Ouimette
Sportsmanship: Ellie French
Senior Girls Soccer
Merle Griffin MVP Trophy: Joliane Tremblay                                                                            
Major S: Camryn Moore, Laura Bellini, Joliane Tremblay                                                                 
Senior S: Lisa Patenaude, Maya Leroux
Sportsmanship: Sofia Paradis
Senior Boys Soccer
Bobby Moore MVP Trophy: Ryan Johnson
Major S: Jorge Correia, Jack Lippmann, Tristan Grandsire, Ryan Johnson                                      
Senior S: Eliott Desautels, Adam Larsson, Joseph Riddell
Sportsmanship: Hector Sepulveda
Ultimate Frisbee
Senior S: Dora Kleinekampmann, Emma MacIntyre, Gerda Kleinekampmann Felix Fortier
Sportsmanship: Kieran Templeman
Cross-Country Running
William Greenshield MVP Trophy: Lucy Wang
Bantam S: Liam Sumun
Junior S: Reagan Lynch
Senior S: Cedric Beauregard, Zach Maheu, Lucy Wang
Sportsmanship: Cindy Zhang, Sofia Martinez Ajzenman