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Junior Science Fair Winners Announced

Stanstead College held its annual Junior Science Fair on Tuesday evening. After months of planning, hypothesizing and experimenting, students in Grades 7 to 9 were able to present their findings to judges. In all there were 48 projects on display. The following are the winners by grade:
Grade 7
The project that earned 2nd place studied whether plants can stop soil erosion. Congratulations, Jane Rodi.

The project that earned 1st place investigated which material blocks Wi-Fi signals the best. Congratulations, Noah Grenier and Liam Sumum.

Grade 8
The project that earned 3rd place investigated the viscosity of different engine oils. Well done, Liam Huckins.

The project that earned 2nd place studied the heat capacity of different metals. Amazing work, Saif Alexander Pardan.

The project that won 1st place by less than 1 point, investigated the strength of an electromagnet. Phenomenal work. Well done, Cindy Zhao.

Grade 9
The project that earned 3rd place determined how far a ball will bounce back. Awesome job. Congrats. Annabelle Cormier and Melissa Kakayuk.

The purpose of the project that won 2nd place was to determine the most effect antacid. Well done, Annie Lamantia and Alexa Gagné.

And last but not least, the project that won 1st place in the 9th grade investigated the effect of acid and salt on steel. Congratulations to Mason Beasse and Luke DelaBruere.

Congratulations to all participants. Parents can find more photos from Science Fair on Vidigami.