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Hockey Weekend Recap - April 28 - May 1

Over the past weekend, the prep boys competed in the RSEQ M18 D1 Provincial Championship in Quebec City, and the varsity girls headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba to compete in the Female World Sports School Championship (FWSSC).
VG win FWSSC Tournament
The varsity girls hockey team competed in their last weekend of hockey for the 2021-2022 season, and they did not disappoint. Flying to Winnipeg early morning on Wednesday, April 27, the girls played a total of 5 games.
The FWSSC featured 12 teams from Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec.
They started with three round-robin games, where they completely dominated the competition. In their first game against the Edge School, the Spartans scored 7 goals, while Arianne Leblanc face 20 shots and had 18 saves for a final score of 7-2. Pilot Mound could not stop the momentum the girls had, losing to the VG 9-1. In the final round-robin game, the team found the back of the net on 12 different occasions, beating the Westman Wildcats 12-2.
The semi-finals were played on Saturday against the Edge School. In a closer matchup, the Spartans won 4-1. The finals were played the next day, and to no surprise the Spartans continued their success and won the FWSSC Championship game 6-1 against RHA Kelowna.
Congratulations on the win, girls! It was the perfect end to an amazing season.
Prep Boys RSEQ M18 D1 Provincial Championship
Although the prep boys hockey team has yet to finish their playoff run for their respective league, they qualified for the RSEQ M18 D1 Provincial Championship this past weekend. The boys packed up their bags and made their way to Quebec City.
The tournament included two non-elimination games that were played on Thursday and Friday. In game one against Académie St-Louis, Antoine Remillard scored the sole goal in the 1-7 loss. The Spartans once again fell short in game two against Ecole Secondaire de Mortage, where captain Dominic Pokora had the only goal.
Their third and final match was an elimination game played on Saturday against Seminaire Saint-Francois. Saint-Francois captured an early lead that they hung onto until the third period when a goal from Adam Larsson tied the game. Halfway through the period, the Spartans found themselves one goal down. In the last 5 minutes of play, Zackary Maheu found the back of the net to force an overtime period. Unfortunately, the fellas suffered a heartbreaking loss to end their run in the provincial tournament.