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Timing Happens for a Reason

By Camille Richard, Grade 12
Timing is a funny thing. 

Everything happens for a reason and whether we understand that reasoning or the timing behind it, it is not up to us sometimes to fully decide the outcome.  
In our life we will go through many firsts, such as our first birthday, our first day of school and our first time hanging out with friends. But we will also have many lasts, like our last birthday at home, our last day of grade school and our last time hugging our friends goodbye before we all start new chapters in our lives.  

These moments often leave me wondering, why didn’t we have more time, why did it go by so fast and why does it have to be now? It feels like just yesterday we were learning how to ride a bike down our neighbourhood streets and now we drive our own cars down those very same roads. I remember taking those timed multiplication tests, and now we have college algebra tests with more letters than numbers written on the page. Life has changed so quickly, and I don’t remember when, but it’s only going to keep changing. Sometimes the things we appreciate the most in our lives need to end in order for us to start a new timeline. One with just as many firsts and just as many lasts. 

It is not easy; in fact, it really sucks and brings a lot of heartache. 

But timing is a funny thing because you were put in the same room as that person on the first day you came to Stanstead for a reason, you sat next to that person in class for a reason, and you stuck with that sport and all those teammates for years for a reason.  

A goodbye doesn’t mean forever, we all are too young to fully understand how long forever truly is. Two weeks? Four months? Six years? Who knows, because timing is a funny thing. It kind of just happens, and at the end of the day it is what it is. I believe that when something is changing in life it is supposed to happen.  

However, let’s live in the present. We are here together at that precise moment. So go off and live your firsts and your lasts to their fullest, build your timeline. Let’s stop overthinking and let’s be present and be where we currently are in that timeline. Enjoy today, enjoy the little things, enjoy life and enjoy your youth because you don’t get to restart this time of your life, so make the most of it.