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Find an Outlet for Your Stress

By Halle Khanna, Grade 11
To write and present a speech in front of so many people takes time management and definitely some level of sanity. The amount of stress we all have because of sports, school and relationships can be super overwhelming and damaging to our mental health.
And I get it, I really do. It is my third year here, and I’m just getting used to managing everything. When I find myself in a bad head space due to things that can happen in life, I go to the gym or on a run. I found this out not so long ago when at the beginning of this year, I personally was not doing the best, but with the help of friends, my family and an awesome place to put my energy and managed to get out of the bad place. And while that might not be for everyone, there are so many good options out there. Personally, I have no skill whatsoever in any type of art, so I think it would make me even more overwhelmed to start drawing but that might be the choice for you to help you manage all the things going on.
What I seemed to notice when I started finding my outlets was that during these activities, your mind can become relaxed, and you might just have that one thought pop into your head, and all the problems can go away.
So please, after today, spend some time in the next few weeks finding something you can use to help yourself. It really can be anything, and not just a place/activity that can help here at Stanstead but for the rest of our lives.