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SG Basketball: The Turning Point

By Erik Van Dyke
Time running out in a depressing first half, one second left, and Sara Paquette heaves up one of those desperation shots from half court. And holy smokes it banks in!
That changed everything. Before that fairy-tale shot, your Spartans were sluggish, disorganized and losing to LaRuche 18-12 in the ugliest game of the season. But that magical bucket flipped the script. As Sara raised her arms in joy and the players celebrated and our opponents looked on in disbelief, you could SEE the girls’ energy levels rise, shoulders stop slumping, eyes no longer vacant, mile-wide grins.
That one shot put the pep back in our step and the fun back in the game.
And boy, did we start having some fun. 
Siena Webster looked like the Siena of old, dribbling and attacking and shooting with confidence. Emilia Stone had her best game of the season, locking down defensively and playing purposefully on offence. Sara was much improved in leading the fast break and of course contributed one of her patented circus layups. Henni Kraushaar was a beast on the boards and also hosted her own “block party” with two highlight blocks at the 3-point line. And Player Of The Game Camryn Moore had the best offensive game of her basketball career, leading the team with 12 pts (11 in the second half) on a series of hustle plays and twisty-squirmy fast break layups.
But most impressively, the players just started making plays. This turnaround had nothing to do with coaching or strategy and everything to do with the girls adapting to the game flow and recognizing openings and hustling and intelligently and confidently attacking weak spots. Making good things happen through effort and focus. Making plays.
When the dust cleared, the Red & White’s dominant second half ultimately resulted in a 42-29 win, keeping us undefeated in RSEQ league play, which is pretty cool. (Makes me think of the Richmond Oilers singing in the locker room “we un-de-feeeee-ted! we un-de-feeeee-ted!”)
And just to drive the point home: 
-   before Sara’s halfcourt heave, LaRuche was beating us handily 18-12
-   after the buzzer beater, your Spartans outscored Les Carnicas 27-11! Amazing what a little basketball magic can do.
- Coaches VD & W
The season so far
Overall Record10 wins 6 losses
RSEQ League Play:  4 wins  0 losses
Points for per game41.2     Points allowed per game30.7
Stanstead Invitational Tournament CHAMPIONS