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You May Be Part of A Child's Memories

By Hayley Wolfe, Grade 11
I have been lucky enough to live on campus for my whole life. My dad’s first year as headmaster was the year I was born. I have lived in the same house for 16 years. And during that time, I have lived some amazing moments that I will never forget, memories that have shaped who I am today. So many unique memories come from growing up on campus and I want to share a few with you.

When I was little my mom would take me up to dinner randomly so I could see other faculty kids and the students. Not only that, but we would go to as many sports games and events that the school had, like lip sync, Winter Carnival and as many athletic assemblies as possible. I remember so many days my mom got me in my rain or snow suit to go to hockey games or soccer games. At all these games students would come up to me and take me to sit with them. And after big wins I would go with the team. And be in many team pictures. When the varsity girls team first won ETIAC I went on the ice after the game and was in the team’s picture with the banner. And that's why I am on the wall at the arena!

When I was writing this speech I asked my mom what her favourite memory of me was. She told me about the old arena, that since the locker rooms were upstairs the boys had to come off and go up the stairs to get to their locker room. Every time they came off, I would give them all fist bumps and none of them would skip me even if they were mad or playing badly. My mom remembers that if the game was going badly, after my fist bump they would each have a small smile on their face.

I have many of these memories, and a lot of them revolve around sports, but some of my favourites are being a part of my mom’s sports team. Before my mom coached with Mr. Van Dyke, she used to coach the junior girls team, and I traveled with them everywhere because that was the only way for my mom to be able to coach. And when my mom would chaperone the senior girls team I would go with them too. I remember sleeping in the corner of the gym with all the girls' bags around me. And when I was a baby my mom would coach with me in her backpack. I also remember watching movies with girls in the corner of the gym waiting for their next game. When I was older and my mom was coaching with Mr. Van Dyke, I would do the stats for their team.

I have so many more memories that I have made here that students have helped create.

I have been so lucky to have been able to experience these moments. And I want the current faculty and staff kids to get some of the same memories. That’s why I will always say yes to babysitting Juju, and why when I see a faculty kid I will always say hi even if they are shy. Or why I will carry around Henry at sports games saying hi to everyone. At the Christmas party we had for the faculty and staff kids before break, I really wanted all the kids to have a good time because those moments will stay with them. I sat at a table with Juho giving out candy and we tried to make every kid smile even if they were attached to their parents because they were shy or scared.

So, what do I really want you to take away from this? I want you to realize that the faculty and staff and their families are a part of Stanstead College and the next time you see them even in passing, you should hi to them. And if you have the chance, talk to them. This school will shape everyone. Even though its influence on my life has been much longer than any of yours, you are still creating important memories here, and so are they. The way I got the most out of here was by building relationships with other people, from other faculty and staff families to students. I encourage you to connect with other people like other students, faculty members and faculty and staff kids. All the memories I have made with the people here have helped shape who I am today. You could be a part of their future memories.