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Multiculturalism Binds Us Together

By Yucheng "Austin" Zhang, Grade 12
The Chinese New Year arrived on January 22. For all Chinese, this is the time of the year when families reunite and celebrate the festival. Meanwhile, there are also other festivals from different cultural backgrounds, such as the Day of the Dead from Mexico, Christmas, Easter, Oktoberfest from Germany, etc.

There are different stories behind every festival, and it is always delightful to celebrate them and spread happiness to all. Although many of us come from different cultural backgrounds, the joy is the same throughout. Multiculturalism is the main factor that links all of us together as one.

I cannot forget the smiles that Tim Ludewig gave me when he proudly introduced St. Nicolas Day to me and how they will receive amazing gifts in the incredible stockings. I cannot forget the beautiful fireworks set off on campus when Mexican Independence Day arrived. I cannot forget when all the Chinese students are in LeBaron Hall together, making delicious dumplings, receiving red packets. Different festivals are celebrated in Stanstead College as we all cherish the importance of multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is the bridge of communication, a way people can exchange their conceptions on literature, arts, philosophy and more. Multiculturalism is a key to opening the door of vitality, vitality of the environment, individuals and atmosphere. These differences in cultures make our life so varied, and it is these very differences that make our campus delightful. Therefore, let us all celebrate each other, celebrate different cultures, and fall in love with our differences.