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SC 150
SC 150

What about the 125th?

One of the highlights of Stanstead College’s 125th year was the visit by Governor General Romeo Leblanc. As guest speaker at the Baccalaureate and Prize-Giving on June 20, 1997, he urged the graduating class to go out into the world with open minds, open hearts and open voices.
“The willingness to accept accommodation has produced a great nation where the collective openness allows for debate and compromise,” he said.

Romeo Leblanc was not the first governor-general to visit Stanstead College. In 1973, His Excellency the Right Honorable Roland Michener was guest speaker at our Baccalaureate Ceremony on the occasion of our 100th anniversary. The College has also received His Excellency the Right Honorable Lord Alexander in 1947 at the beginning of our 75th anniversary as well as His Excellency the Right Honorable Vincent Massey in 1955.

Following the 1997 service, where Governor General Leblanc and his wife assisted in the handing out of diplomas and prizes, they participated in a tree planting ceremony in front of Colby House, donated by the Class of 1997 in recognition of the 125th anniversary. (The tree and accompanying plaque still stand.)

In addition to this special visit, 125th anniversary celebrations took place over the course of the 1997 and 1998. Among other highlights was a party for the community on June 11, 1997 organized by former faculty member Mary Martin, alumna Eleanor “Dudie” Mansur (1926), friend of the school Maud Curtis and Director of Development Louise Gittens. The unofficial guest of honour was Alex Philip, who along with wife Judy was retiring from the school.

October saw a black tie gala evening in the 9e Dining Room of Eaton’s in Montreal.
- with files from Red & White, fall 1997