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SG Basketball: Top 15 Moments from Bailly 2023

By Erik Van Dyke
There were a lot of memorable moments throughout this championship run (St Johns High School 56-16, Kanawake Survival School 60-18, Richmond Regional 60-15, and Quebec High School 62-15)
at the first Anderson-Bailly since 2020, and these are my personal favourites.
#15 Bernie’s 19 points vs KSS. Let’s remember that at the beginning of the season, Bernie did not know a single rule of basketball. The most improvement I’ve ever seen.
#14 Nothing gets the crowd going like Henni swooping down from out of the sky and blocking an unsuspecting jump shot, especially when it happens twice in one minute like it did against Richmond.
#13 The attacking mindset that Melissa and Sara used to disintegrate Quebec High’s 3-2 zone in the final. Not to be denied, they consistently beat their man and collapsed the zone, which led to a GOOD SHOT EVERY TIME. Their ability to break defenders down off the dribble is truly elite.
#12 Saturday Nite Bingo!
#11 The NBA 2-ball competition, with the Mackay gym a-jumpin’, won by Siena and her partner from the St Johns boys team, with an insane score of 49(!) in final round.
#10 The post-to-post passing vs our opponents’ zone defences was bee-yoo-tiful. First, Emilia and Bernie hooked up a few times low (Emilia) to high (Bernie) vs St Johns. And then Hayley and Henni put on a clinic of high-low action that turned the KSS zone into Swiss cheese.
#9 This spot is reserved for Halle’s step back, whenever it happens.
#8 Valerie’s blocked shot vs St Johns – EPIC!!
#7 Camryn was at her disruptive best vs QHS’s #11, holding one of the hottest shooters in the tournament to ZERO points(!). That’s what “camrynizing” looks like when it’s turned all the way up.
#6 Melissa sending a message to the rest of the tournament in the very first quarter of the very first game vs St. Johns, with a Lebron-like 14 points and 4 steals in only 8 minutes. The message? “Don’t mess with us.”
#5 Our criminally suffocating man defense vs Quebec High in the final, especially in the second half led by Camryn and Gloria, where not only did we allow a ridiculously paltry 3 points(!), but we forced 8 shot clock violations – insane!
#4 Emilia’s priceless reaction to making a great move, getting fouled in the act of shooting and earning a trip to the free throw line? Henceforth this will be known as “The Emilia Pull-Up”.    
#3 The Stanstead senior boys chanting  “YOU CAN’T STOP HER” and “! AU–TO–MA–TIC !” in response to Tournament MVP Siena going supernova against QHS in the Bailly final, with 24 points including 6(!) three-pointers. The gym was rockin’!
#2 The sustained effort over the course of all four games. Consistent intensity. Never a let-up, despite leading comfortably for most of the tournament. The best stretch of the season in terms of every single player trying hard every single second. I could not be happier.
And finally, drum roll please…
#1 The Rowboat. Could it be anything else?!
Congratulations, Spartans, for bringing the coveted Bailly Plaque back to Stanstead College!

- Coaches VD & W
The year so far… 
Overall Record20 wins 9 losses
RSEQ League Play:  7 wins  1 loss
Points for per game40.9     Points allowed per game26.8
Mtl Independent Schools Tournament Silver Medalists
Stanstead Invitational Tournament CHAMPIONS