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The Easy Way is Not the Best Way

By Trofim Godochkin, Grade 11
Originally, my plan was to come here and give everyone the basic speech about life, getting out of your comfort zone, and trying new things. However, I had a conversation with Mr. Van Dyke that changed my mind, and I rewrote my prefect speech. What him and I talked about was not always taking the easy way out.
When I look back at my old prefect speech it wasn’t bad, it was just very basic. There is one aspect of my speech that stood out to me. It was that people tend to choose the easy option because it’s more comfortable. I thought about it for a bit, and then it struck me. That is exactly what I was going to do with my speech. I was about to choose the easiest option and talk about how we should not do that. When I realized this, it made me laugh.
Aside from that, I would like to share a story. As many of you know, prep boys hockey had a game on Wednesday, April 19th against College Sainte-Anne. It was a very important game because if we won, we would win the series 2-0 and be in the finals. However, if we lost, we would have to play them again to determine the winner of the series. We ended up losing game two, forcing a game three. It was a tough loss especially when I was the one who had the game on my stick.
It was the last minute of the game, and we were down by one goal. Naturally, we pulled our goalie. Everything was going well, we had possession. Suddenly, Charles Beland had the puck on his stick and gave me a beautiful pass. I had the entire net open, but I missed. Shortly after, we got scored on and ended up losing the game 1-3. In that moment, I had decided between the easy option or the hard one.
Back when I was in grade 8, I would definitely pick the easy option. Which would be blaming it on someone else, breaking my stick or be mad for the next 5 days. However, this time I decided to focus on what I could control because it would be too easy to blame it on something else or break my stick. Instead, I took the blame and focused on the next game coming up.
By choosing the thing that is difficult you are pushing yourself to be a better person. So, the next time you have the choice what will you do?