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Fall Athletic Assembly Closes Season

Two past soccer Major S recipients leveled up to MVPs at Wednesdays’ Athletic Assembly, officially closing the fall sports season.
Receiving his second Major S for senior boys soccer, Chaz Grenier, Grade 12, received the Bobby Moore Trophy for his contributions to the team. Coach Graham Chandler recognized Chaz for his undying competitiveness and passionate force that inspired his teammates and his coaches alike.

“Chaz’s heart, pride and determination to represent Stanstead College to the best of his abilities are unwavering,” he said.

Chaz is also a past Major S and MVP winner for senior boys basketball.

In senior girls soccer, the Merle Griffin Trophy was shared by veteran and two-time Major S winner Camryn Moore, Grade 12, and first-year player, Natalia Chenier, Grade 9.

Coach Erik Van Dyke noted Camryn’s power, balance and skill, soccer IQ and hammer of a left foot while calling her a “dynamic leader and a fierce competitor.” He went on to praise Natalia for her “exquisite” passes, noting that her style of play became the team’s style of play. “She is probably the best playmaker I’ve ever coached,” said Mr. Van Dyke.

The third MVP trophy of the night went to Liam Sumun for cross-country running. The Grade 9 student competed at the senior level and dominated the league. “He worked hard and pushed himself even more,” said Coach Joshua Delorme. Besides the William Greenshield Trophy, Liam earned a Major S sweater.

Other Major S winners were Madeline Lippman, Grade 12, her second for senior girls soccer; Mauricio Lopez Sanchez, Grade 12, and Gabriel De Santis, Grade 10, for senior boys soccer.

Full prize list:
Bantam Boys Soccer
Bantam S: Benjamin Rioux, Benjamin Magnan, Holden Smits
Sportsmanship: Benjamin Rioux
Junior Girls Soccer
Junior S: Begona Gonazlez Haces, Clara Buck-Thompson, Kaitlyn Wanka, Daniela Tornberg
Sportsmanship: Jane Rodi
Junior Boys Soccer
Junior S: Juan Patricio Oropeza, Alejandro Ruelas Perez, Liam Ryan, Max Sheppard, Gabriel Poitras, Pablo Fernandez Giombini
Sportsmanship: Shawn Rugwiza
Senior S: Brody Molloy, Parker Saunders, Zoe Charland
Sportsmanship: Tyler Battah
Cross-Country Running
Major S & William Greenshield Trophy: Liam Sumun
Senior S: Joelle Benoit, Adriana Desbiens-Senneville, Halle Khanna, Noah Sumun
Sportsmanship: Hayley Wolfe
Senior Boys Soccer
Major S & Bobby Moore Trophy: Chaz Grenier
Major S: Mauricio Lopez Sanchez, Gabriel De Santis
Senior S: Jordan Ilunga, Henry Riddell, Luke DeLaBruere, Matteo Paradis
Sportsmanship: Emiliano Maciel
Senior Girls Soccer
Major S & Merle Griffen Trophy: Natalia Chenier & Camryn Moore
Major S: Madeline Lippman
Senior S: Valerie Lin, Gloria Riddell, Avah St-Pierre
Sportsmanship: Sofia Martinez Ajzenman