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A Thank You Letter to Stanstead

By Ellie F., Grade 11
We humans crave and seek forms of stability, whether it comes from an environment, one or many individuals or even an object. Before Stanstead, I was a 14-year-old girl unaware of what awaited me after the doors of high school shut and even more unaware of what and where I would be living each year of my remaining years of high school. Here’s a little background information: I have been hopping from one place to another since the beginning of my existence. Heading into my Grade 10 year, I wanted to know what the environment of my next three years of high school would look like.
I sought a change in stability. The form of stability I have always known is my family, therefore what I lacked from staying in one place, my parents made up for in individual affection with open arms and love. I knew my family would always stand behind me and support the trembles we humans experience. I was blessed with the most admiring, invincible, beautiful family. They made sure that no matter the place we lived, we would have each other.

Consequently, no matter where I find myself in life, I see my mother and father within myself and Mini Me following in her own footsteps behind.

So at the beginning of my Grade 10 year, I sought an environmental sense of belonging, where I could strive academically, athletically with hockey and socially. And there I stood in front of a package of bricked buildings and green trees, as my next three years awaited right before my eyes. There I stood a young 14-year-old girl who had no idea who she was and what she was doing.

Stanstead has given me the perfect place to grow. You have let me fall and then let me try again. You have shown me that things change and that sometimes it’s for the better. You have taught me that I am capable of whatever I seek to fully attain in life.

I have no other than Stanstead to thank for who I have grown into and who I am continually evolving into.
Furthermore, today I stand in front of you all, a 17-year-old young woman, who is flawed, emotional and still unaware of what her future holds. But what I do know is I will strut onto life’s unknown path with an understanding of who I am and that is all one can ask for as we enter the real world.

Earlier this year I placed myself under extreme duress by having the main role in the play, playing on an extremely skilled hockey team that requires sacrifice and commitment, maintaining a prefect role in the school and trying to attain the grades to hopefully get into a top academic institution.

All at once.

Yet here I am. The play was a success, I found my role within my hockey team on and off the ice and finally achieved my goal of getting into a top college where I will also be furthering my hockey career.
So why would I share with you all with my personal anecdotes and my thank you letter to Stanstead?

Well, the best way I can put it is in the words of Mr. Pimm: What does Stanstead do for each individual?
Stanstead is a preparatory school. It prepares us for what awaits each and every one of us as we slowly but surely say goodbye to this place.

Embark on the hard times, accept that not everything stays the same, embrace the changes that lay in front of you, fail multiple times and express your emotions towards those failures. Let yourself grow amongst your friends, teachers, coaches and mistakes. Immerse yourself in the opportunities that are within your very reach here in Stanstead.

You are lucky to be here so show it. So regardless of the amount of time you have left here at Stanstead, remember time flies by when you're having fun.