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SG Basketball: Senior Night

By Erik Van Dyke
Celebrating our departing Grade 12s from the Senior Girls Basketball Spartans:
This first-year guard from Seattle, Washington, is this season’s most-improved player. Already a smooth shooter, she got faster this year, she got tougher, she improved her handle, and she became a slick finisher on the fast break. Even better, she worked her tail off and turned herself into a disruptive defender, deflecting so many passes with her longer-than-you-think arms that she won herself a starting job midseason. The secret to her success? She truly loves the game. No one is happier with a basketball in her hands, and her enthusiasm lights up the gym. In fact, her coaches will be disappointed if she doesn’t do a STEPBACK on her way out of the tunnel! The spirit of the team, #4 in the program but #1 in our hearts: Halle Khanna!

This third-year guard from Jay, Vermont, began her Spartan basketball career as a super athletic soccer player, but with not much basketball experience. But her intensity, her motor, her level of “compete”, were elite. Like a university athlete. And now, three years later, not only has she figured out shooting and dribbling and power layups in transition, she has transformed herself into one of the most intimidating, lockdown defenders Stanstead has ever produced. Team leader in steals and in minutes played, she is a force of nature who is always; the first player to dive on the floor; the first player to call in a huddle; and the last player to ever, EVER give up. This season’s inspirational leader, #12: Camryn Moore!
Hailing from Newport, Vermont, this second-year forward is one of the most mentally and physically tough players ever to wear the Red & White. With incredible Spiderman hands, touch around the rim, and a high basketball IQ, she led her team this season not only in scoring, but in rebounding AND blocked shots, as well. And she did all this in her own humble style, never complaining, never selfish, never negative – it is never about her. I mentioned toughness – you may notice when she comes out of the tunnel, she has a splint on her finger, which she broke two weeks ago. Yes, she is going to play with only 3 working fingers on her strong hand, because Of COURSE SHE IS. The epitome of the underrated superstar, a great player and an even better person, a true role model, #13: Maddie Lippmann!
And finally, this third-year forward from Stanstead, Quebec, actually began her Spartan career around the age of 5, attached to her mother’s hip, tagging along at games and tournaments, dreaming of the day when she could proudly wear the Red & White herself. And now, over a decade later, she graduates as a Spartan after having her best season on the court, with improved shooting and rebounding, perfect positional play on defense, and, most impressively, complete understanding of what her team is trying to do AT ALL TIMES. The offenses, the defenses, the inbounds plays, she knows Ginobili and Duncan and Parker better than the coaches do. It is critically important to have someone on the floor who knows exactly WHAT you’re trying to execute, and WHY, and HOW. She is that player. The truest basketball lifer Stanstead College will ever see, #14: Hayley Wolfe!