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Spring Assembly Honours Top Student-Athletes

The 2023-24 sports season officially wrapped up Monday evening with the Spring Sports Assembly, where three student-athletes were repeat MVPs.
Chaz Grenier shared the Don Ross Trophy for senior boys rugby with Shun Hatano, his second MVP trophy of the school year. Chaz won the Bobby Moore Trophy for senior boys soccer in the fall. Both players also wone Major S awards (their second for rugby) along with Mason Béasse and Noah Papillon.
“Chaz and Shun led the attack and defence and really made the team their own,” said coach Adam Spirk. “Shun is the smoothest passer I’ve ever seen. And possesses lightning speed and deceptive moves. Chaz is the most ruthless tackler and ball poacher and sets up plays with his insane rugby IQ.
Camryn Moore was a co-winner with Gloria Riddell of the Roger Marino Trophy for senior girls rugby. Camryn was also a co-winner in the fall of the Merle Griffin for senior girls soccer. This was Camryn’s fourth Major S, Gloria’s first.
Coach Eryn Hessian described Camryn as a powerful and forceful runner who is fierce, competitive, dynamic and a compassionate leader. Gloria, meanwhile, is a triple threat who can kick, pass and run, another hard-working leader.
Zoe Charland won her second girls lacrosse Major S and MVP trophy and her second MVP trophy of the year, having been co-winner for prep girls hockey.
Coach Shannon Garrett described Zoe as “a ballerina on the field. She plays with love and respect for the game, which gives her the freedom to be one of the best player on the field.”
Other MVP trophy winners were Braden Chastanet for badminton; and Maxime Lapointe for boys lacrosse. Both student-athletes also received Major S awards.
Other Major S winners were Juho Virtanen, Jaxon Pierce, Raphael Tellier for boys lacrosse; Maelie Pion, Rosalie Tremblay, Penelope Lavoie for girls lacrosse; Maxim Tremblay for track and field; Matteo Paradis, William Towner for golf; and Joliane Tremblay, Sara Sevcikova, Jacky Xu for tennis.  

Watch the full assembly below.
Full Prize List
Junior Girls Rugby
Junior S: Miranda Garcia, Jadin Bingham, Clara Buck-Thompson, Julia Lee
Sportsmanship: Zoey Keefe
Junior Boys Rugby
Junior S: Josuke Masuda, Juan Patricio Oropeza
Sportsmanship: Jacob Béasse
Track & Field
Junior S: Liam Sumun
Senior S: Walker Smits
Major S: Maxim Tremblay
Sportsmanship: Florence Blanchette
Bantam S: Benjamin Rioux
Senior S: Emma MacIntyre
Major S: Matteo Paradis, William Towner
Alex Philip Golf Shield: Matteo Paradis
Sportsmanship: Zackarie Michaud
Senior S: Seia Oikawa, Louis Sullivan, Alice Machida
Major S: Joliane Tremblay, Sara Sevcikova, Jacky Xu
Boys’ Shield: Jacky Xu 
Girls’ Shield: Sara Sevcikova
Sportsmanship: Grady Hanna
Junior S: Roger Roger Marcoux, Mike Sun
Senior S: Zofia Kaczynska, Lam Wang
Major S: Braden Chastanet
Michael Wolfe MVP Trophy: Braden Chastanet
Sportsmanship: Tony Ju
Girls Lacrosse
Senior S: Maddie Lippmann, Laurie Aubi, Jamie Arsenault
Major S: Maelie Pion, Rosalie Tremblay, Penelope Lavoie, Zoe Charland
Sportsmanship: Jamie Arsenault
MVP Trophy: Zoe Charland
Boys Lacrosse
Senior S: Justin Dupuis, Malcolm Nicholson
Major S: Juho Virtanen, Maxime Lapointe, Jaxon Pierce, Raphael Tellier
MVP trophy: Maxime Lapointe
Sportsmanship: Jasmin Tremblay
Senior Girls Rugby
Senior S: Jana Loparic, Melissa Kakayuk
Major S: Gloria Riddell, Camryn Moore
Roger Marino MVP Trophy: Camryn Moore, Gloria Riddell
Sportsmanship: Maelie Laforge
Senior Boys Rugby
Senior S: Gabriel De Santis, Bo Bailey, Noah Grenier, Keita Masuda
Major S: Noah Papillon, Mason Beasse, Chaz Grenier, Shun Hatano
Donald Ross MVP Trophy: Chaz Grenier, Shun Hatano
Sportsmanship: Gabriel De Santis