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Winter Athletes Saluted at Assembly

By Ross Murray
MVP hockey trophies were shared for both varsity boys and girls Wednesday evening as the winter athletic season drew to an official close with the annual Winter Athletic Assembly.

Brothers Charles and Alexander Campbell earned Major S awards and the Dawes Trophy in their rookie season with the varsity boys hockey team. Coach Matt Thompson described Charles as being a pure scorer with lethal shot, while Alex had a second and third gear that could beat any player. Together, the brothers from Chateauguay, Que. scored 40% of the team’s goals this season.

A third Major S award for boys hockey went to Trevor Grasby of Holland Landing, Ont. in appreciation for all he does as a player and teammate. The final Major S went to Sean Larochelle of Varennes, Que., an offensive talent who stepped up when the team needed him.

In girls hockey, Charlie Mailhot of Victoriaville, Que. and Maude Poulin-Labelle of Sherbrooke, Que. shared the Dugie Ross Trophy and Major S awards. Coach Brittany Sharman described Maude as deceivingly fast and hard working, always with a smile, while Charlie is a player who evolved and found herself over her Stanstead career, surpassing all expectations.

Two other Major S awards were presented for girls hockey: to Rosalie Demers of Blainville, Que. who relentlessly played harder than anyone; and to Alexie Guay of Magog, Que., a dominating force on the ice who always makes her teammates better.

Mackenzy St-Pierre won the Bess Ferguson Trophy and a Major S for senior girls basketball in recognition of her comprehensive skills on the court. Coach Eric Van Dyke described her as meeting her potential and having “one of the best individual seasons in Spartans basketball history.”

Major S awards for girls basketball also went to: Chloe Van Dyke of Stanstead, Que., a lifer, one of the best all-around players and someone who deeply understands the game; and Rina Takahashi of Tokyo, Japan, who added passing to her fierce and “ridiculous” level of play this year. Rina also won the Sportsmanship award.

Alexis Bernier of Montreal, Que. received his first Major S and the E.C. Amaron Trophy for senior boys basketball. Coach Duane Liverpool called Alexis as the best point guard in the league and a leader who has matured significantly during the season.

Final MVP trophies – the Trustees Trophy – and Senior S awards went to Nurken Zhailaubay of Almaty, Kazakhstan and Amanda de Grâce of Magog, Que. Nurken had a hunger to win but always showed good sportsmanship, while Amanda was competitive and kind-hearted, always supporting her teammates.

The first-ever Major S in curling was awarded to Yeming Chang of Shangdong, China. Coach Chris Planetta singled out Yeming Chang for being one of the best in the league, an impact player who “embiggens the team as whole.”

The final Major S went to Pui Yuen Cheung of Hong Kong, a member of the squash team for the past four years who showed his teammates how to play at a higher level.

Other awards presented were:

Sportsmanship: Begoña Perez

Bantam S: Krystine Breton
Sportsmanship: Simone Ruf

Bantam Girls Basketball
Bantam S: Immanuella Yudo, Maria Teresa Calva Xolalpa
Sportsmanship: Karen Kosugi

Junior Girls Basketball
Junior S: Mariama Barry, Jeniva Coffee, Ana Sofia Bereda
Sportsmanship: Rosalie Gadoua-Giroux

Junior Boys Basketball
Junior S: Tyler Carruthers, Leo Li
Sportsmanship: Tyler Carruthers

Senior Boys Basketball
Senior S: Lucas Étienne, Andrei Bucatel
Sportsmanship: Quentin DB., Toby Zhang

Senior Girls Basketball
Senior S: Emily Willis, Alyssa MacPherson

Varsity Girls Hockey
Senior S: Alexandrea Gray, Tamara Thierus
Sportsmanship: Erin Hinch

Varsity Boys Hockey
Sportsmanship: Keiran Gallant

Bantam Hockey
Bantam S: Dominic Pokora
Sportsmanship: Julia Balinger

Prep Boys Hockey
Junior S: Jeremie Gagnon, BJ Roy
Sportsmanship: Martin Lefebvre

Sportsmanship: Marcelo Santoscoy

Senior S: Ivy Hu, Coco Li, Morgan Ireland
Sportsmanship: Katya Lee