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Our Motto

Sanitas Sapientia Religio — Health, Wisdom, Integrity

Our Mission

The mission of Stanstead College is to provide students from Canada and around the world with a highly structured, enriching educational and extra-curricular program in a secure, supportive environment. The Stanstead experience helps students reach their full potential in preparation for university, lifelong learning and future success in the global community while developing healthy and active lifestyles.

Our Vision

Our vision rests on our ability over nearly a century and a half to reinforce traditional values while embracing innovation in a constantly changing world. We achieve success by providing students with a secure, sustainable environment for learning, personal growth and leadership. Our diverse and nurturing community promotes the values of health, wisdom and integrity.

Our Students

The Stanstead College experience instills in its students a special combination of skills, knowledge and values that prepare them to achieve their own personal goals as well as contribute to their communities as responsible, global citizens.
“When I was 12, I recall listening to my big brother Fred speak of Stanstead with stars in his eyes, saying how it was the best experience one could live. Five years ago, I had dreams of being here, sitting in one of these chairs and I remember thinking to myself that one day I too would talk of Stanstead College with stars in my eyes. And that’s what I do now, every time someone asks me if I like it here.”
-Florence Aubé, Class of 2018