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Repeat winners dominate Spring Athletic Assembly

For the second year, Trevor Grasby of Holland Landing, Ont. won the Donald Ross MVP Trophy for senior boys rugby at the annual Spring Athletic Assembly, held Wednesday evening in Centenary Church.

This was also the Grade 12 student's second Major S award of the year, having won for varsity hockey in the winter term.

Coach Adam Spirk described Trevor as someone his teammates could count on, always humble, and someone who could easily play rugby at the D1 level.

In senior girls rugby, Rina Takahashi won her second Major S award of the year, having previously earned one for basketball, and her fourth Major S in her Stanstead career. The Grade 12 student from Tokyo, Japan was described by Coach Eryn Hessian as the glue that held the team together, both tactically on the field and off the field as a leader.

The second Major S for senior girls rugby went to Mackenzy St-Pierre of Ogden, Que. This too is her second Major of the year (basketball) and the third overall for the Grade 11 student. She was exceptional in all her positions, including kicking converts, and caught the eye of coaches and scouts every time she played.

Caleb Goudreau, Grade 11, of Stanstead, was another repeat Major S winner (soccer), this time winning for lacrosse. Coach Luc Charest described him as simply one of the best players on all the teams they faced this year.

In tennis, Gregory Lapointe of Granby, Que. and Simonetta Gaumond of St-Bruno, Que. repeated their 2017 performance by each earning Major S awards and the Tennis Shield for the top ranking among the Stanstead players.

A Major S award was also presented in badminton to PY Cheung of Hong Kong, a great player and leader. It was also his second Major S of the year, having won for squash this past winter.

Other prizes

Senior Boys Rugby
Sportsmanship: Tim Carr
Senior S: Will Huckins, Sangheeth Prakash, Alex Liddell-Grainger, Gilberto Segovia, Patrick Young

Senior Girls Rugby
Sportsmanship: Alexandrea Gray & Begona Perez
Senior S: Maya Goudreau, Ana Sofia de la Parra, Chloe Van Dyke

Sportsmanship: Catherine Foulem
Senior S: Valeria Rodriguez, Richard Hall

Sportsmanship: Paul Teng
Senior S: Tyler Vosinek, Martin Lefebvre, Jeremy Tremblay

Sportsmanship: Quentin D
Senior S: Philippe Martel, Shon-Olivier Roy, Margot Rouquette
Philip Cup: Margot Rouquette

Sportsmanship Sakuraku Susaki
Junior S: Michael Wu, Shu Shu
Senior S Bill Huang, Coco Li

Sportsmanship: Marianne Picard
Senior S: Marianne Picard, Julia McLellan, Mohamed Barry, Mackenzie Dias-Leclerc

Junior Boys Rugby
Sportsmanship: Gustavo Armendariz
Junior S: Cole Huckins, Alexis Daniel, Ryan Young

Junior Girls Rugby
Sportsmanship: Immanuella Yudo
Junior S: Maria-Teresa Calva, Mariama Barry, Samantha Smith

League and playoff champs: Bluejays (12-3)
Sportsmanship: Dominic Pokora
MVPs: Nicolas Pokora, Jessica Lozano-Schmitt

All-Campus League winner

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