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Athletes of the Week: Laurence Frenette & Michael Wu

By Erik Van Dyke
Athlete of the Week has been awarded to two deserving students: Laurence Frenette, of the varsity girls hockey team, and Michael Wu, of the badminton team.
Without this Grade 12 veteran’s tireless commitment to her teammates and coaches, the first month for varsity girls hockey would have been much difficult. Laurence is completely committed to her school, her program, and her teammates, so much so that putting other’s needs so often ahead of her own contributed to a bit of a slow start on the ice. But that slow start is over, as she truly found her stride last week, flying up and down the ice to lead her Team Red to victory in the Friday Night Lights Pumpkin Cup Series. A dominant player and a caring leader, Laurence’s impact on her team is consistently profound and inspiring.

This Stanstead “lifer” is a positive and dominating force on the badminton court. The undisputed and undefeated champion (along with partner Anqi Peng) of last week’s inaugural 9-team double elimination tournament, Michael routinely displays unnatural quickness, agility and shot making as well as excellent sportsmanship. A formidable and powerful player who covers the entire court, his coach likes to compare him to the legendary Rafael Nadal, another “human backboard” who simply refuses to let a shot drop. Willing to partner with (and help) every member of his team, Michael’s quiet leadership has been a big reason why the first ever fall badminton season has been such a complete success