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Making Connections

Students from across Canada and around the world come to Stanstead College to study, to improve their skills and to prepare for university. They come to reach their potential. They develop strong characters and value systems that will carry them forward in a sometimes difficult world.

They enjoy small classes, rigorous academics, a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, and so much more that you’ll learn all about on our website.

But these are all words. What unifies them all, what makes them real, what sets Stanstead College apart, are the connections students make here. They are connections between friendships that will carry on for years after high school. They are connections between students and caring, inspiring teachers and coaches. They are connections between the traditions of our past and our present-day values. They are connections between cultures, perfectly placed as we are: an English high school in French Quebec nestled against the United States border. They are connections that can be something as simple as a friendly hello from a student on your first visit to campus.

This is what we hear time and again from new students and their families: we make them feel so welcome. There is an instant connection. This is a place where students can and do call home.

Stanstead College is a school with heart. The connections you make here are important and lasting. I hope you will have the opportunity to find out for yourself.
    • Head of School Michael Wolfe with school trustee Andrea Dumas, Class of 2008

    • Michael Wolfe, Head of School