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Senior Boys Basketball

SB Basketball: At Home vs Salesien

By Andre Simard
No rest for the weary as the Spartans took on Salesien at 6 pm on Monday in a home game at the Mackay Gymnasium.
Our two over-age players, Summer and Lam, could not participate in this game and Luke remained at home as he was still not feeling well. Chaz, who had missed the CAIS tournament, was ready for play and we knew that he would be a nice addition in terms of his defensive abilities and toughness.

The Spartans started the game on a 7-0 run that led to a 17-8 score after eight minutes of play. A 12-6 second quarter resulted in a 29-14 half time score. As the score continued to grow in our favour, we emphasized both externally (referees) and internally (coaches) that our team players' attitudes, body language and voices had to improve. Some had acted without the level of respect for the game, opponents, teammates, referees and fans expected by a Spartan team. After the reminders, the attitudes and the general level of play improved, as was confirmed by the referees after the game.

The third quarter was a dominating period, with the Spartans passing well and grabbing lots of rebounds and put-backs, which led to a 13-3 third quarter score in our favour.

The final quarter saw a 10-6 score for the Spartans. Final score - SC 52 - SS 23.

The scoring in this contest was spread very well. Also, courtesy Croy&JoStats, we saw that the rebounding of Victor, Chaz and Will was of particular note on the stats sheet. Point leaders on this day were Victor - 16; Daniel - 10; Shun - 8; Bo - 7; Will - 4; and Chaz, Andrew, and Allen - 2.

After several games in a row, with only few short practices in between, we now have a bit of a hiatus from games for a few weeks. It will give us the chance to work on a bunch of offences, defences and specialty plays like jump balls, presses/breaks and inbounds. We also hope to add another exhibition game to our schedule in December or early January.