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Grade 12 Term 1 Honours

Head of School Joanne Carruthers is pleased to release the list of Grade 12 students who have achieved academic success in their first term (September to December). For their efforts, these students have earned a place on the Academic Honours List, the Head's List and the Chair's List. 

Students in Grade 7-11, whose first term ended in November, also received recognition for their efforts since the start of the second term until the December break. The full December list is available here

Chair's List (students achieving an overall average over 90%) 
Emma Catallozzi
Madeline Lippmann
Dahui "Allen" Liu
Jana Loparic
Avah St-Pierre
Sum Long "Summer" Wong
Jiaxuan "Jacky" Xu

Head's List (students achieving an overall average between 85% and 89.9%) 
Carolyn Berkling Drouin
Chaz Grenier
Shun Hatano
Zofia Kaczynska
Maxime Lapointe
Keita Masuda
Camryn Moore
Jaxon Pierce
Bridget Pringle
Gloria Riddell
Charlie Roy
Joliane Tremblay
Anne Vilanculos
Juho Virtanen
Hayley Wolfe
Junyi "Victor" Wu

Academic Honours List (students achieving an overall average between 80% and 84.9%) 
Alexia Aubin
Paulina Camarillo Chouza
Braden Chastanet
Kyle Cregan
Adriana Desbiens-Senneville
Trofim Godochkin
Anaïs Grappe
Siena Hayman
Yeeun "Ellie” Jang
Yile “Tony” Ju
Benjamen Knapp
Vincent Leclerc
Mauricio Lopez Sanchez
Alice Machida
Hanna Obermayr
Matteo Paradis
Lana-Michelle Peasley
Maélie Pion
Nicolas Robillard
Sara Sevcikova
Noah Sumun
Quinn Smits
William Towner
Maxim Tremblay
Frederic Vincent
Linyu “Lam” Wang