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Senior Girls Soccer

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Besides competing in the local ETIAC high school league, our senior varsity teams participate in the annual Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) tournaments as well as their home invitational. In 2023, the senior girls won the ETIAC regular season banner. 

2023 Schedule

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SG Soccer News

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  • SG Soccer: Giving Thanks

    By Erik Van Dyke
    After a hard-fought, high-quality ETIAC final on Wednesday where we outplayed a tough opponent but came up short in an overtime shootout (which happens all the time in soccer), and after the last practice of the season where we got our arts and crafts and milkshakes on, I just want to say thank you.
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  • SG Soccer: Takin' Care of Business at the semi

    By Erik Van Dyke
    Elimination games are different. If we lose today, in our semi-final tilt vs Richmond, the season is over. That’s it. And as every veteran player and coach knows, soccer can be cruel. You can dominate possession and lose. You can outshoot your opponent 20-1 and lose. You can spend the entire game in their half and lose. When it comes to heartbreaking losses despite outplaying your opponent, there is nothing in the world quite like soccer.
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  • SG Soccer: Season Goals, Two for Three and Counting

    By Erik Van Dyke
    Facts? CAIS, while the highlight of the season, was draining. 5 games in 3 days, giving all we had. Physically weary. Mentally exhausted. Mountains of homework to catch up on. Multiple sore ankles and groins and shin splints. But there was no rest for these Spartans, who sleepwalked off the bus at 1:30 am Saturday morning and, 38 hours later, laced the cleats back up for the final push of the ETIAC regular season.
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