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Besides competing in the local ETIAC high school league, our senior varsity teams participate in the annual Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) tournaments. During the 2019 campaign, the Spartans had a record of 3-10-2 and successfully hosted the annual CAIS Tournament.

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  • Athlete of the Week: Lisa Patenaude

    Athlete of the Week has been awarded to: Lisa Patenaude, of the senior girls soccer team.
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  • ! La Banniere !

    By Erik Van Dyke
    Let’s go back in time a little. To October 6th, 2014. “Frozen” is the biggest movie in the world. “Happy”, “Let Her Go” and my girl TSwift’s “Shake It Off” are the top songs. And Stanstead College travels to Lennoxville, Quebec to take on Bishop’s College School in the last ETIAC regular season game of the season. In that game, which they win 6-1, your Spartans clinch 1st place in the league to win the Regular Season Banner.
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  • SG Soccer: Runnin’ Wild in Richmond

    By Erik Van Dyke, Senior Girls Soccer Coach
    Sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t score. You can do a million things right, bring the ball down, connect passes, play to feet, pepper the opposing keeper, but sometimes it doesn’t matter. Scoring in soccer is hard, and it often happens that the ball simply refuses to find the back of the net. But this past Wednesday was NOT one of those days. This past Wednesday the bounces went our way, the floodgates opened, and your Spartans had themselves a good ol’-fashioned offensive jamboree.
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  • SG Soccer: Big Game vs MVR

    By Erik Van Dyke, Senior Girls Soccer Coach
    In a four-game regular season, every game matters. After tying Alexander Galt in our first ETIAC game, we are still in control of our own destiny, but the margin for success is razor-thin. There is zero room for error if we want to win the coveted ETIAC League banner. We will most likely have to win all of our remaining three games, AND allow as few goals as possible in the process to have a chance (as goals against would be the tie-breaker should we end up tied with Galt at season’s end).
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  • SG Soccer: Return of the ETIAC

    By Laura Kirby
    Last week featured the first competitive ETIAC game – in any sport – in a very long time. The last time Stanstead College squared off against ETIAC competition was in the 2019 soccer playoffs, two Septembers ago. And the last (and only!) time I was a head coach for a soccer game was even further back, when Coach Varro was taking his paternity leave back in 2017.
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  • Photo: Siena Webster

    SG Soccer: We're Baaaaack!

    By Erik Van Dyke, Senior Girls Soccer Coach
    September 2018. That was the last time Stanstead College hosted our long-running Stanstead College Senior Girls Invitational Soccer Tournament. In 2019 we didn’t have enough teams, and in 2020 there was a, whadayacallit, a global pandemic. September 2018. Three years ago.
    But what a comeback!
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  • Athlete of the Week: Samantha Smith

    A model of consistent excellence, Samantha Smith, Grade 12, could have been nominated for AOTW every week of this season so far.
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  • Athlete of the Week: Kenya Desautels

    Despite a loaded schedule of 5 games in 4 days, Kenya Desautels played almost every minute of every game, and played them with intensity and heart that was second to none.
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