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Ultimate Frisbee

A new fall sport at Stanstead College in 2019, ultimate frisbee -- or just ultimate -- is a non-contact intramural sport. In 2023, the Stanstead Spartans won the RSEQ D4 banner for the first time. 

2023 Schedule

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Ultimate News

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  • Athlete of the Week: Charlotte Collins

    This Grade 12 student-athlete from Westmount, Quebec played three entire ultimate games back-to-back this past Saturday. Charlotte never stopped and always kept up with her opponent, even when running with a severely injured foot. She went back and forth between playing offence and defence and always remained positive with a smile on her face. Regardless of the pain, she never let her teammates down. Her coaches told the team that a forfeit was always an option, as a player's health was more important than a victory. Again, Charlie refused to quit and pushed even harder. For her determination and strong play, from ultimate frisbee, Athlete of the week, Charlotte Collins.
  • Athlete of the Week: Evan Gass

    Evan Gass demonstrates in many ways what ultimate values and encompasses.
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Coach 2023

Tyler Carruthers