Style Guide - Visual Brand

Stanstead College

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  • Crest

    The origins of the Stanstead College crest are somewhat mysterious, but for over 140 years it has remained essentially the same. While there have been multiple variations, including a well-loved colour version, the prefered style for marketing and communications purposes is a the single-colour modern crest with simplified leaves and sun. This reflects a modern, clean look while respecting the past.

    The traditional crest may be used on occasion on the recommendation of the director of communications.

    The modern crest may be used alone or in association with the wordmark. (See below.)

  • Wordmark

    Adopted in 2018, the Stanstead College wordmark emphasizes "Stanstead" as a source of pride, capturing not just a place but a spirit. "College" is somewhat downplayed not only for graphic reasons but also to reduce confusion, particularly in international markets, of "college" as a post-secondary school.

    The font is Gotham Bold.

    As much as possible, the red crest should be used with the black "Stanstead" and red "College." For black and white publications, an all-black version is available. A reverse white version may also be used, preferably against a red background.

  • Colour

    The Stanstead red is RGB 238, 45, 36; CMYK 0, 81, 85, 7. Nearest Pantone colour is 485C.

    A secondary colour (to be used as an accent, primarily on the school website) is a slate blue RGB 77, 113, 147; CMYK 48, 23, 0 42.
  • Email Signature

    The email signature should be written in Arial (black) with the name in 12 pt bold, the title below in 10 pt reg. followed by the crest/wordmark combo. Address, phone, website follows at 9 pt reg, with social media links below. The website link is in secondary-colour blue.

    Signatures should be automatic for all new emails but turned off for replies and forwards.

    For help setting up your email, contact


List of 4 items.

  • Athletic Wordmark

    As with the school wordmark, the emphasis for athletics is the word "Stanstead." We are Spartans, but there are countless teams named the Spartans; there is only one Stanstead. The athletic wordmark echoes the school wordmark, written in Gotham Bold but in all-caps and a slightly tighter spacing.

    As with the word "College" in the school wordmark, individaul sports or the word "Athletics" are written 50% smaller than "STANSTEAD" and flush right. "STANSTEAD" may stand alone or be accompanied by a sport name.

  • Spartan Helmet

    The Spartan helmet may stand alone or in conjunction with the athletic wordmark. There are stacked or horizontal versions: red on white; white on red; and white-and-red on black.
  • Hockey Shield

    The shield depicting SC and 1872 is used exclusively by the hockey program.
  • Team Uniforms and Gear

    To reflect the character of individual teams, uniforms may opt for other fonts and styles than those listed here, though they are encouraged to incoporate elements and adhere to the colour palette. The same holds true for team sweatshirts, bags, etc. All purchases should be reviewed by the athletic directors and/or the director of communications before ordering.